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ABC's of Surfing: Angel Beach

Everybody knows Dax Kona. He's been in the surf scene longer than most and has a reputation for making great beaches and great surf clothes. But in case you didn't know, his newest beach is called Angel Beach, named after his lovely wife, Angel Kona. Angel has designed many parts of the sim and the clothing store within it.

Angel Beach (or Playa el Angel) is a perfectly designed beach that caters to a variety of amenities while still offering a lag free environment that's so important to surfers. The Popoia and Tahiti sets allow you to enjoy a smaller wave or get pitted in a barrel depending on your preference.

There are rentals available for the perfect resort-style living with ocean views on both sides of the hut and a public swimming pool perfect to wash the salt water from your skin. The cost of the rentals are 200L a week for 100 prim. They do come furnished but they'll happily remove the stuff so you can furnish your own. It is requested that you keep with the beach theme, of course. Each lot is parceled off with the renter able to control their own security. Child avatars are permitted to live in the huts, but they must rent the hut with their adult avatar and alert Dax and Angel they will be playing as a child so adult furniture can be removed in their bungalow.

Need fresh digs or a new board? Angel Beach has you covered. The D.A.K. surf shop has a ton of beach clothes and surf boards for sale. There are free gifts for both men and women and C3 surfboards by Lucky 7 and Jaco. All proceeds go directly to those brands.

Looking for more activities than just surfing or swimming? Angel Beach offers that too! There's a little pavilion with game tables. They have up to 6 different gaming options and are happy to rez out any game upon request or feel free to rez your own, but as always clean up after yourselves unless given permission by Dax or Angel.

There are no motorized vehicles or boats permitted on Angel Beach, however there's a quaint little boat near the stables perfect for posing, cuddling, and diving off of. And yes, we did just say stables! Rez out your very own horse and gallop along the shorelines exploring all the amazing areas.

Be sure to trot over to the swimming area where you can get a FREE swim HUD right next to the Lifeguard chair. Touch the turtle, wear the HUD, and dive into the crystal clear oceans to swim immediately. Head out to the raft for some tanning or keep going to an amazing little private island you can actually walk on. There's an adorable little dock for fishing out there and a private yoga mat! We told you there's a lot to do here! "This is the swimming area. You can rez a float if you are so inclined, or swim, or lounge. The surf area is for surfing" - Dax Kona

Finally, spend the perfect morning or evening at the coffee shop enjoying the view of the perfect waves while working on your laptop, having a snack, or chilling with friends.

Angel Beach is an amazing destination spot with resort-style living in mind.

"Well we know that people tend to go to beaches for really 4 reasons:

1. to surf or play in the water

2. to have a romantic get away

3. to relax and listen to the waves

4. to hide from someone

.... so we offer anyone all that" - Dax Kona

Rezzers: C3; HP5; UMI; X3

Waves: Popoia and Tahiti

Rentals: Availability. Rental station located in the cafe

Amenities: Shopping, public pool, game area, swimming, BBQ area, horseback riding

Open Rez on the whole sim

Rating: Moderate. Kid Friendly ♥

Hop in the bus and surf Angel Beach today!

Postcard designed by Cosmos Lowtide

Angel Beach Rental Huts: 200L a week for 100 prims. Furnished or unfurnished by request.

Contact Dax or Angel Kona to remove furniture.

In case you're blinded by the jacuzzi that's a surf wave in the front yard!

Public swimming pool within walking distance of your rental bungalow.

Rental Office and information is located inside the cafe.

This adorable area is affectionately known as "silly beach" and full of great activities and hang out spots. Grill up some food with friends on the deck then play some greedy in the shaded pavilions.

Game tables in the shade! Contact the owners for a variety of other games they can rez out for you. Or rez your own.

Horseback riding is the perfect way to get around!

Contact Dax or Angel if you want to get married here! There are dance areas scattered all around!

Love the beach but not into surfing? There's a private little swimming area just for you!

Click this adorable little turtle for a FREE swim HUD that overrides your AO when you hit the water!

You can actually swim out to the islands, which of course have tons to do on them!

Enjoy a private yoga area on the island.

I know you see those free gifts! Beach wear for men and women designed by the owners!

An array of C3 boards designed by Lucky 7 and Jaco for the perfect surf day!

We're obsessed with this adorable cafe!

OMG, is that Denise of Maoli Waves?! A favorite spot for surf celebrities!

Relax on the rocks and watch the waves

Thank you so much to Dax and Angel for this amazing tour! You're both truly great people!

Don't forget to grab your FREE Angel Beach postcard and corkboard to remember your trip forever!

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