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ABC's of Surfing: Among the Wildflowers (ATWF)

You might recognize this beach from a recent announcement from Surf SL. Owner, Dominique Yukko does a fabulous job of keeping this beach fresh. Most recently she added an additional wave.

The continuous flow of 4All and Tahiti waves makes for an excellent run. There's a ton of things to do besides surfing, like windsurfing, swimming in the pool, relaxing in the jacuzzi by the ocean and dancing at the numerous clubs and bars scattered around the island.

ATWF offers:

* Surf waves of course;

* Club named "Butt Club" situated in the Casa Blanca for hang out, meet and spend time as single or couples without being in the crowd. This club was created when ATWF was in Lost Cove.

* Dance area on the main beach, with various single and couple dances, with sofas, chairs and tiki bar corner

* Small private naturist island for those who like to be naked in an area where all the people around are naked with privacy and dance area.

* Several facilities around the main beach for to be alone or hang out with their lovers.

* Rez area for those who do not like to join the group to rez their surfboards or objects to take pictures;

* All facilities are some PG and most Adult.

* Dress code. At the main beach clothing is optional, swimsuit and nudity are encouraged. At the naturist beach, just naked.

* Although the beach is open to all, we are an adult sim with some rules, such as "No child avatar". Avatars must be at least 18 years old. More is written in the covenant.

Rezzer: NS, Windsurfer, Rez area (or group rez anywhere)

Waves: 4All and Tahiti

Rentals: No Vacancies. Contact Dominque Yukko to get on the waiting list.

Amenities: Nude Area, "Butt Club" VIP Lounge, Windsurfing

Rating: Adult

Postcard designed by Cosmos Lowtide

Most of the beach is "clothing optional" except beyond this point

Stunning spot for photos

This ocean surrounded jacuzzi is the perfect spot located in the nude area

Lay by the pool, smell the ocean, enjoy the public showers

A casual bar atmosphere close to the entrance

There's plenty of private areas to relax and cuddle

So many breathtaking areas to explore

A classier place to hang out indoors

Don't forget to grab your "ATWF" postcard and corkboard as a memento of your visit!

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