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ABC's of Surfing: 4all Wave by Maoli

Our second wave on the "ABC's of Surfing Tour" is the "4All" wave by Maoli Waves & Ramps.

Just like the "2Real - Curly" wave, the "4All" is 64 meters wide and perfect for the smaller parcels of land. So feel free to slap this baby on your 1/4 sim but remember to give yourself the obligatory 100m x 80m water space for side paddling and the shore slopes that make for a perfect beach.

The "Curly" was a whopping 14999L but the Maoli "4All" is just like its name suggests and super affordable at only 3999L. The Curly does have 3 options: right, left, and middle curl whereas the 4All is just one wave.

After visiting 420 Surfin' yesterday, we know you might need a little reminder on how to buy the Maoli waves so here it is...

Visit the full sim diorama and see an amazing demonstration on how the wave looks in action, but remember this is a full sim and might look different on your beach... then spin a 180 and look directly at the vendors to buy this wave!

To buy this wave, visit the Maoli Waves & Ramps store.

To surf it, visit the Sacred Candy beach.

HUD Controlled

7 textures included:

Maoli surfboard rezzer included

Advertisement for the Maoli 4all surfable wave sold at Maoli Waves & Ramps

This amazing diorama will demonstrate what the Maoli 4All will look on a full sim

Look for this vendor to purchase the Maoli 4All wave

Surf the Maoli 4All at Sacred Candy surf sim!

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