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ABC's of Surfing: 420 Surfin' Surf Sim

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

The next stop on our fundamental journey is the stunning 420 Surfin' beach.

Located on the Serena Coral Bay region, this bohemian beach is perfect for the free spirited surfer.

It has a TON of surfboard rezzers to conquer the Maoli Freestyle 100 waves.

The beach is open rez, catering to surfers and photographers! Feel free to put out your poses or rez your own surfboard, but please clean up after yourselves.. we wouldn't want to tarnish such a beautiful place.

Had a hard day? Definitely check out the meditation area sure to relax anyone after a stressful time. And of course, don't forget to saddle up and take one of the free horses around to explore the many stunning areas that make up 420 Surfin'.

Rezzers: C3 Broom ctoo; Maoli (kids & adult); HP5; UMI; Vetox

Slurl to 420 Surfin'

Wave Setup: Freestyle 100

Amenities: Meditation Spots, Open Rez, Dance Floor

Rentals: None available

Rating: Moderate

After you've fully explored, don't forget to grab your postcard and free cork board by the entrance signs. Display your cork board in your home and add all the postcards to it as you go. There's about 70 surf sims, so you'll get to rotate them out or pick and choose your favorite ones!

Postcard by Cosmos Lowtide

Always be respectful when exploring

The perfect place to get centered

Is there a better way to explore a sim?

Bunny Picnic?! What more could you ask for

Don't forget to grab your FREE cork board and post card for 420 Surfin'!

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