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What is Surf SL?

Surf SL is one of the leading groups for all your surf information and promotions needs. It was created in 2017 by Cierra Theriac and slowly expanded to become what it is today.

Surf SL offers a variety of resources for surfers, whether you're a beginner or an expert. The Surf SL website has a section for each board and its controls, how and where to buy waves, and a comprehensive list of all the surf beaches. (We share our findings with the Wave Report and they share theirs with us!)

The people that keep Surf SL going also offer a variety of services for beach owners, event planners, and creators. Here is just a small sample of what Surf SL can do to help get your brand noticed in the surf world:

- Info Huts: Surf SL sets up Information Huts at your sim with up-to-date information on boards, events, and competitions happening around the grid. Your patrons never need to leave your beach to stay informed. We never use a ton of images or scripts and we work hard to promote your sim, not ourselves!

- Calendar: There is a Surfing Event calendar that goes out at the beginning of each month. Add your event to the monthly calendar or proudly display one on your sim to show that you support surfing all over the grid!

- Surfunday: Surfunday boasts the largest surfing get-togethers on the grid. Each month we select a new beach and set up a day for everyone to come together and surf your sim. We've been proud to watch this event grow over the last two years and are always looking for new beaches to explore.

- FB group: Our Facebook page is constantly thriving with new posts flooding in all day. We encourage surfers, beaches, bloggers, photographers, products, and anything else surf-related to post and share with us. We've been so proud to watch new groups pop up and surfers sharing their posts with each other.

- Inworld Advertising: We consistently get beach owners asking us to send notices in their groups. Most beaches want their group to be active and thriving and find it beneficial that we send out notices of calendars and events for them. We're always happy to do it and it helps keep everyone informed of what's happening.

Contact any of the Surf SL crew for anything you need help with or to take advantage of any of these services. Our mission is to promote surfing and keep the sport alive.

Want to help? We're always looking for energetic people to help. Contact one of the below organizers so we can assist you in finding the perfect fit for Surf SL.

Join our inworld group, this website, or our Facebook group to stay informed or contact us. We're always around the shores planning something fun. Look out for our bi-annual Surf Camp, random Surfaris, and bigger one-time events like Night Surfing, Space Surfing, Birthday Bash, and many more!

Surf SL organizers: Kris Marley, Moonie Kismet, Solsty Kismet. (Cierra will be back soon!)

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