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The Island Surf Beach

Surf SL continues its gridwide tour of Second Life's Surfable Beaches. The newest beach added to our list is "The Island" owned by Jack Kazari.

"I tried to incorporate the surfing wave about 2 yrs ago on the original Island once I learned about it in SL. It's kind of a must have feature for a good beach. And its' nice to offer things to do in an adult setting that has something to do besides being off behind the bushes"

The Island is an Adult Resort. It does accept nudity, but it's not required.

It is currently Group Rez with Maoli and Trigitec Rezzers.

The single Maoli wave setup creates a relaxing atmosphere. It's the perfect quiet setting for a romantic beach getaway!

Travel to The Island today!

Photos by Leanne Mordue

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