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Cohiba Cay Surf Sim

Cohiba Cay is a favorite among many surfers. This three sim paradise has "four Maoli Waves: 2 Pipeline, and 2 Freestyle 100s, strategically paced to provide a new experience every time out; no two sets are ever the same" explains Co-Owner, Mike Versace (audiophile1969).

There are multiple rezzers on the shoreline. Try out the C-3, Flow, Maoli, [UMI] and even give the new Maoli Hydrafoil a whirl! Be sure to try the various other activities like JetSki Rezzer, Sailboat Rezzer, and Bungee Jumping.

Owner, Barbie Baddingham, opened Cohiba Cay in 2011, reimagining the successful beach as a tropical surfing paradise in 2017. "I will say Mike is the reason for it becoming a surfing beach. That was his brain child. He really promoted it and updated it". These two make an inspiring and sweet team.

If you're interested in living at this amazing location, check out the rental board at Cohiba Cay. Cohiba Reef, adjacent to the Surf Sim, is home to some of SL's best beach huts and housing. And Cohiba Bay, also adjacent to the Cay, is home to some of SL's greatest luxury beach homes.

Escape reality today at this picturesque beach: Cohiba Cay

Pictures Taken by Leanne Mordue

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