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Ash Falls Volcanic Beach

This picturesque sim offers a variety of things for the perfect day in SL. Spend time following the trails through lush foliage and mountainous terrain, inspired by the Pacific Northwest.

There are multiple waves for you to surf on with a variety of rezzers available (but strategically blended). Two sets each of 100m swells, 64m swells, 64m Floridas, and two Tahiti’s make for the perfect day of surfing. Look for a pile of surfboards propped against something for your surfboard rezzers: LSD, Flow funboard, HP5, C3 and C-too. (Yes! They're grom friendly at Ash Falls!)

Once you fall in love with this scenic sim and decide to live here forever, contact owners Julz (juliette.rainfall) and Leaf (peyton.darmoset) about Erebos Harbor rentals. Check out more details on their website:

There is a 200L group fee to rez BUT this fee goes to an amazing cause. "It goes to WDC for our Orca adoption. We just got our Year 3 certificate which is on our landing zones." Julz boasts proudly (as she should!)

Ash Falls is celebrating its second year being on the grid this month. We're super honored to call them friends and contributors to the surf world. We'll be celebrating their birthday with a Surfunday later this month!

Visit Ash Falls Today!

Photos by Leanne Mordue


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