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ABC's of Surfing: Cuddles Bay

Cuddles Bay takes the bull by the horns. This 3 sim surf beach promises a no bullsh*t surf experience with Popoia waves and a variety of surfboard rezzers.

As soon as you land, you'll find yourself on the shoreline. We know you'll be eager to surf this toro tide and Cuddles Bay has 4 surfboard rezzers right at the entrance.

" The core concept of the sim is 'no rules'. Just follow [the LL] TOS. You can come in a suit, or naked, no one will eject you" explains Cirus Evans, owner of the Cuddles empire.

Rezzers: C3, Maoli, Sally, and X3

Waves: Popoia

Rez Option: Group Rez, Free to join

Rating: Adult

Rentals: Yes

Amenities: Fishing, shopping, bungee jumping, wedding chapel, large slide, swimming, platform diving, massage parlor, game beach, music venue, dining, sailing

SLurl: Cuddles Bay

There is a ton of stuff to do perfect for the surfing adventurer. Once you dry off from your surf session, be sure to check out all the attractions. The right side of the sim focuses on dancing, music, and relaxing. While the left side focuses on all the action.

One of the first things we spotted was the Maoli area. Guests can try out the Sally board on the Popoia waves then buy them for themselves to take home. But you'll have to bring someone along to carry your shopping bags as you climb up the huge tower to bungee jump into the water!

If they carry your shopping bags the whole time, why not reward them with your eternal love and devotion at the Wedding Chapel conveniently located past the jump spot.

Splash into your new slives on this extra large and curly slide that dumps you right into the water filled with dolphins.

Change from those impromptu wedding clothes in one of the two private buildings set up for anyone to use. You can even set your home there if you plan to make this your honeymoon destination.

Or use the dive dock as a great place to take those wedding photos. You can even purchase your very own dive system from the Shack right there!

After a long day of surfing, marrying, diving, and shopping... relax those muscles at the massage parlor. There's even a shower system to rinse off the sand and oils from your skin.

Spend the rest of your evening playing games with friends. There's a wide variety of games to please any avid gamer. Others are available upon request to Cirus Evans.

Once you've worked up a hardy appetite, head over to the dining areas to relax and feast. There's a greasy food truck and ice cream cart option or a more refined picnic area to dine and listen to the sounds of the ocean.

Finally, return to the waves and relax on the docks to watch the nighttime fireworks over the rolling ocean.

Rent a plot of land across the sea if you want to make Cuddles your permanent home. Or spend the night in the variety of amazing cuddle spots throughout the beach.

If you get plenty of rest, you can spend the next day surfing and fishing!

Or packing so you can move into this no-bullogna sim! Oh, and if you're wondering "what's with all the weird bull puns?".... check the map for a little giggle.


Plot C: 950L for 1250 prims

Plot C Inner: 450L for 625 prims

Plot C Outer: 450L for 625 prims

Plot E: 2150L for 2500 prims

Plot J: 1050L for 1250 prims

Feel free to rez your sailboat and sail around this amazing 3 sim paradise. And stay tuned for a special addition we're sworn to secrecy about!!

Don't forget to grab your collector's post card and cork board on your travels to Cuddles Bay!

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1 Comment

Evvie Silverweb
Evvie Silverweb
May 27, 2021

Looks like you've thought of everything! Kudos to Cuddles ... ♥

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